Economics Research Reports & Papers

A repository of interesting research reports & papers – whether they are classic or contemporary papers.

Research and Working Papers

Andrew Odlyzko. (2010). “Collective hallucinations and inefficient markets: The British Railway Mania of the 1840s.”
C. N. Ward-Perkins. (1950). “The Commercial Crisis of 1847.”
Douglas Gollin, Remi Jedwab, and Dietrich Vollrath. (2015). “Urbanization with and without Industrialization.”
Eldar Shafir, Peter Diamond, and Amos Tversky. “Money Illusion” (1997).
Michael Bordo. (2003). “Stock Market Crashes, Productivity Boom Busts and Recessions: Some Historical Evidence.”
Rudiger Dornbusch, and Jacob A. Frenkel. (1982). “The Gold Standard and The Bank of England In The Crisis of 1847.”
Richard Thaler. (1997). “Irving Fisher: Modern Behavioral Economist.”
Thomas Barnebaek,Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, and Jens Nordvig. (2014). “Inflation targeting, flexible exchange rates, and macroeconomic performance since the Great Recession.”
Thomas M. Humphrey, and Robert E. Keleher. (1984). “The Lender of Last Resort: A Historical Perspective.”

N.B: I do not claim ownership for the papers and reports posted here.


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